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Dementia Friendly Churches are churches that include and welcome people with dementia. They offer people with dementia respect and dignity, and promote knowledge and awareness about dementia within the local community.
Recent events have brought painfully into focus the kind of desperation and powerful emotions that can lead people to take that most desperate of steps - to end their own life. Here are 5 things you need to know when suicidal thoughts kick in
It's Valentine's day - all about celebrating love. But what do you do if you are not in a season of romance? Here's something we might forget today - the greatest kind of love is actually open to all of us in friendship. Here's why ...
"Most of all, we need pastors and church leaders willing to admit that the Church doesn’t have all the answers."
One woman's journey from losing her father to cancer aged 10.
6 Feb is Time To Talk Day - but for every person who needs to talk, someone else has the challenge of creating the right space and moment so that they can. Especially in church. Here are 6 ways we can make church a safe space for people to talk.
"I know it isn’t going to always be plain sailing but I know with God by my side I will always be okay."