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Mundane is the same old reliable, familiar solid stuff that we take for granted. If you are going to make a resolution for this New Year, how about giving thanks for the regular stuff, the everyday, the routine. It's amazingly good!
Do challenges around accessing good treatment and care mean happiness and health feel out of reach to some? What does an often unhelpfully quoted gospel story have to teach us about creating a culture where everyone gets the chance to thrive?
...between Severe Mental Illness and Demon Possession
What could you give this Christmas to someone who will be stuck on a mental health ward?
A friend asked me about what the difference was between scars and wounds this week. We were discussing what healing looked like for people with mental health issues.
This Bible Study is designed to be used in a small group, maybe as a way of introducing the topic in your church.
Long term illness is understandably hard - but what is it about this cruellest of life's challenges that can have such a powerful impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing?