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Label people - or is there a better way?
Where anxiety is concerned - how can we get rid of it? How can we become Fearless?
Suicide is the most greatest killer of men aged 20-49 and yet it is rarely acknowledged in our churches, Following a number of high profile suicides how will the church respond?
What is resilience and how can we develop it? Do you need adversity to develop resilience?
The question that I often find unlocks the ‘anxiety/sin’ matrix is one around categories. 1 John 3:4 offers us a model of categorising sin: For anxiety to be a sin, according to the scripture it would have to be a demonstration of ‘lawlessness'.
8 months ago, I was admitted to psychiatric hospital with a severe physical manifestation of anxiety and depression. My brain slowed down to a crawl, my short-term memory was completely shot, I could barely speak and was slurring my words, and when I read
Monsters often catch us in those quiet moments, and the night when we are exhausted and alone is the worst time to be ambushed. Here are 5 ways to manage them.
How humans change, what happens when we don’t or can’t change, and some ways to move forward