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What works [and doesn't work] for Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Figures released for Mental Health Awareness Week show so many people struggle with issues around body image. But is self love alone a solution? What does the Bible - and the song 'This is me' have to do with this?
‘Some say that you’re a Christian, so you shouldn’t feel depressed. But I guess, they haven’t read the Psalms in depth’. A video for Mental Health Awareness Week
How do we grow and find out who we are? Psychological and Spiritual models. Notes from our seminar at the HTB Alpha Leadership Conference.
In essence; people worry about failure, then feel desperately guilty when they perceived that they have failed and determine to get everything right from there on (perfectionism).
Belongingness is a glue that our society desperately needs if we are to overcome our isolation. It is God’s gift to us; to know that we uniquely belong to him and within the world and it’s our most potent weapon in the fight against loneliness.
As a psychotherapist and church leader I have often found that therapeutic spaces can be safer for people with mental health issues than church. Church can seem like an environment where only certain ‘Christian’ behaviors are acceptable...
Top university swimming coach and friend of Mind and Soul Foundation Steve Lazaraton shares his long battles with depression and anxiety whilst achieving professional success.