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New Year again - just how do I make those changes and resolutions stick?
My relationship with Christmas has been an emotional rollercoaster in itself each year and one that still carries a mixture of uncertainty and fear.
We cannot escape reality this year...But these things do not blot out the presence or reality of good. Good things to come, good promise ahead, and even moments of light and life and pleasure in the midst of all the mayhem.
When the magic disappears, we are forced to create or find the wonder in new ways.
Have you ever been told, “Aw, it’s not that bad, try thinking positive.” How did that work for you?
Covid-19 exposed and then amplified existing inequalities facing children, meaning those children already facing the worst life chances have felt the greatest burden from the virus.
Let’s not be ashamed to put up our hands, reach to others and ask for support, prayer and guidance. That’s what friends are really for.