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This isn’t the time for triumphalism or for simplistic anecdotes. Equally, it's not the moment to close our eyes to the ways in which we are being reformed in vulnerability, humility, gratitude, compassion, and community.
A great new online mental health course from Sanctuary Ministries - free to use during COVID
In the emotional challenges of the CV19 crisis, Kate Middleton looks at what you can do when it all just feels too much?
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all having to adapt to ever-changing circumstances in a way and at a speed that we’ve never had to before.
One of the things I am helping folk with during this Coronavirus pandemic is how to handle heightened anxiety and stress. As a Baptist Minister, contemplative and psychotherapist I know this can be approached spiritually and therapeutically.
Imposed social isolation probably wouldn't be anyone's choice - but it needn't be totally out of control. Here are 5 steps we can take to help us emotionally if we're having to isolate.
If you're of an anxious disposition the Corona Virus outbreak is an emotional nightmare come true. How can we be both faith-filled and do everything we can to avoid getting sick?
Finding God’s Peace in a Place of Psychosis. Why it's hard and 5 things that can help.