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If you're experiencing anxiety, in any form, for the first time, it can be difficult to know what can help.
In a time when anxiety is one of the most common emotions for people to struggle with, or even to cause illness, why is it so popular to celebrate fear and causes of fear? Can this tell us something about the way fear and anxiety work?
As we head into winter the cold and dark can have a big impact on our mental health. Here's Kate with some super practical tips on how to support those who may struggling this winter.
Heading off to Uni can be a daunting thing. Here are some top tips from Fusion's Sam Brown
With much in the news recently surrounding the causes of depression, Dr Kate Middleton and Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya dispel some of the myths
As part of a healthy self-care routine, It's good to check in every now and then. Here's a tool to help with that!
It can feel paralysingly hard to know how to love and care for someone with trauma. Whether it's a refugee or someone in your family here are our top tips on how to safely support someone struggling.