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Everything you want to know about The Mind and Soul Foundation. Read our Vision and about our three-fold aim: to Equip leaders to care for themselves and those that they serve. Educate leaders about positive approaches to mental health and wellbeing as well as new developments in psychology and science. Finally to Encourage leaders to persist in their faith and leadership when circumstances may be difficult. Watch our promo video.

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The directors of The Mind and Soul Foundation - Will Van Der Hart, Kate Middleton, Chi-Chi Obuaya, Rob Waller, Arianna Walker
Sharing the best of Christian theology and scientific advances
Helping people meet with God and recover from emotional distress
Engaging with the local church and mental health services
The Vision and Aims of Mind and Soul - to educate, encourage and equip
If you are concerned about your own safety or the safety of a friend then please do something about it.
Endorsements and Recommendations from leaders in the church and mental health services