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Responding to the death of George Floyd - keeping silent or doing nothing under these circumstances feels like a poor and insensitive choice.
Whether it's gnawing fear, cycling worries or just a vague dis-ease at the thought of going out, as the rules that have governed our lives are lessened, have we swapped FOMO (fear of missing out) for FOGO (fear of going out)?
How do you intentionally and safely release and express the least welcome emotions like grief, sadness and loss? What do you do if an emotion feels so powerful that allowing it headspace might mean it overwhelms you?
There are medicines, therapies, treatments, and groups, but nothing universally changes the lives of people who are struggling with their mental health more than kindness.
Can we use theses trying times to collectively 'wake up' and undergo a rite of passage?
What have I been doing? I have been so busy doing what my schedule dictates that I have not considered the divine interruptions God has been offering me.