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When so many are experiencing the same distress or difficulty at what point do we stop calling it illness and recognise a shared experience we need to process?
The 21st Century world is vibrant, dynamic, exciting and inspiring - full of potential and possibility! But there’s plenty of pressure too - and real concerns for the rising generations who are showing increasing signs of mental and emotional ill-health.
While racist bullying was previously confined to those environments, social media permits 24/7 access to images, posts and threads and now can extend into the bedroom, provided a young person has access to a smartphone.
As of 24 July, face coverings are compulsory in shops in England. What do you do if issues with anxiety, panic, past trauma, or mental health challenges make wearing a mask very difficult for you? Here are 5 steps to wearing a face-covering without fear.
How do you find hope in longer-term challenge? How do you find splashes of colour in yet another grey day? how does your brain sometimes make you feel things are much worse than they are in these moments?
Looking back on my 15 year old piece on the 7/7 terrorist attack in London and their influence upon my anxiety.