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For Christians, depression can feel distinctively ‘spiritual’ and will provoke significant anxiety around the quality of a person’s faith. Here are 5 common ‘spiritual‘ lies that we see forming in a depressed Christian…
Some people believe they are Jesus because they are ill. Some people just don't believe the Truth
Dealing with unemployment and uncertainty led Richard to explore Christian Mindfulness
Finding the right card to send to someone who is emotionally distressed can be hard. 'Get Well Soon' definitely doesn't cover it! Fret not, now you can get the perfect card and give 50% to MASF, whilst also encouraging someone in their time of need.
Information and booking links for two events we are part of on Christian Mindfulness
There has been some significant shifts in Christian culture towards a more sympathetic narrative around mental health but there is still a long way to go. Mental health is certainly not treated with parity to physical health issues...