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We get lots of requests to 'come and do some training' - many more than we can accept. We made this video of some training we ran recently with CAP UK - Christians Against Poverty.

Watch a one-minute preview

This video lasts for about an hour and has some places for you to pause it for group disucssion. You should also download the explanatory notes and group discussion questions that accompany it.

The agreement we have with CAP is that you need to login first - see the link below to regsiter or login - there is also a login link at the bottom of the page and you can generate a password reminder if needed.

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We want to say a big "Thank You" to Christians Against Poverty who filmed this video and have kindly allowed us [and you] to use it for free.

A suggested format for your training

Good events come with good planning and preparation. See our 'putting on your own event' guide.
  1. Plan the event carefully, involving your church/group leadership
  2. Set aside some time - an evening or half day is a good way to start, or run a Mental Health Sunday with a smaller event afterwards.
  3. Welcome people and do some kind of ice breaker - don't ask anything too personal
  4. Brainstorm - onto  whiteboard or flipchart - what questions people have
  5. Watch the video - there are two different resolutions you can download - HD 720px, HD 1080px. It last about an hour - plus any pauses for discussion.
  6. Ask people to comment on whether their questions were answered and consider next steps.
  7. Let us know when it is so we can help with our social media.

Other training we recommend

1) If you want to attend some training in person, we think the best providers are Mercy UK with their one-day MPower Training which runs around the UK on a regular basis. They also have a workbook which can be used as a course - called 'Keys to Freedom'.

2) Sanctuary Mental Health offer a course to run in small groups and a number of other formats over 8 sessions -

3) Dr Kate Middleton has delivered a series of talks for Soul Survivor UK - you can watch them here: - THRIVE - five talks for Soul Survivor UK

4) Mental Health First Aid is a good course for your church to run if they want to really get skilled up as it runs like any other firstaid course - over several evenings or days. See MHFA England, MHFA Scotland, MHFA Ireland and MHFAWales.

5) Five Areas run a CBT-based and christian-informed course called Living Life To The Full With God - we helped produde videos to support each session.

If you want to book a Mind and Soul Foundation Director for your event, see our speaker booking information. If you want to put on your own event, see our event/speaker resources. If you are looking for the old Mind and Soul Course it is here.

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