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We get lots of requests to 'come and do some training' - many more than we can accept. Over the years, we have delivered lots of this kind of training and below are some video and audio resources that you are free to use.

If you want to book a Mind and Soul Foundation Director for your event, see our speaker booking information. If you want to put on your own event, see our event/speaker resources. If you are looking for the old Mind and Soul Course it is here.

This page is under development and more resources will be added soon.

1) Dr Kate Middleton - THRIVE - five talks for Soul Survivor UK

A suggested format

Good events come with good planning and preparation. See our 'putting on your own event' guide.
  1. Plan the event carefully, involving your church/group leadership
  2. Set aside some time - an evening or half day is a good way to start, or run a Mental Health Sunday with a smaller event afterwards.
  3. Welcome people and do some kind of ice breaker - don't ask anything too personal
  4. Brainstorm - onto  whiteboard or flipchart - what questions people have
  5. Watch one of our videos
  6. Ask people to comment on whether their questions were answered - some of the resources come with their own questions
We will  be praying for you and your event

The Mind and Soul Foundation Team

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