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Every year we receive many requests to speak at events and so have to prioritise. Below is a list of things to consider when making a booking request, and then please complete our online form.

Due to COVID19 at the moment we're aware events are having to be online. We're available to speak at online events either live or via pre-recorded talks/interviews so do get in touch to discuss further if you are planning an online event. 

If we can't speak at your event, we have prepared a number of resources to help you put on your own event. Please do consider this - it's not as hard as it might seem. See our resources.

What is my event about?

The Directors generally undertake speaking engagements that directly address the issues of emotional/mental health, although some also preach or speak more widely on related topics. Whilst they do speak in secular contexts, it is only on the understanding that they are not restricted from making reference to their Christian faith if they deem it appropriate to do so. The Directors also prefer to speak into settings within which there is a clear plan for follow up after the event and for continuity of good practice regarding mental health and wellbeing.

How many people will the event connect with?

Due to the substantial pressure on their diaries and their own professional commitments, Directors aim to speak at events which have a significant impact beyond the event itself. Whilst no event will ever be dismissed on the basis of size, it is important to consider what the reach or impact of the gathering will be. For example Directors can rarely undertake invitations to single churches, but would address a churches together group, or regional invitational events.

What costs are involved?

We understand that the financial situation of different organisations varies - as do the arrangements for events. We would never wish financial constraints to determine what we could or could not support, but as a guideline we'd generally ask that speakers are offered an honoraria/gift of around £175 for a talk of around one hour to cover their time and preparation. This may need to be adjusted if an event involves significant travel, and does not include travel/accommodation costs should they be incurred.

We'd also ask you to continue to consider this as a guideline for online events: the time and work involved in speaking online is considerable and we think this is a fair value of what our team will put into your event. 

It is usually our hope that a donation or collection will be undertaken in support of  The Mind and Soul Foundation payable after the event has taken place. We recognise that not having people present in person makes this more difficult but if you are able to ask people to consider donating to us we would appreciate it. They can do this via our website.

What about Books?

All of the Directors are authors and have a number of relevant books available to buy. In most instances this is best managed directly either by a church bookshop or in conjunction with a local Christian retailer. If this facility is not available, books can be ordered directly from our publishers or a request made that the Director bring a number of books along with them. If this is the case the event needs to provide a person to manage these sales during the event. Directors are happy to offer personal signings if the event requests them to do so.

What about other Resources?

We provide a huge number of free resources, podcasts, films and articles on this website and would ask that you make sure you tell your delegates about it, and our social media platforms via @mindandsouluk [facebook, twitter, instagram]. During COVID19 we are working hard to update regularly with relevant information and resources on current challenges so in particular at this time it pays to keep an eye on our social media updates as resources are updated frequently.

You may also want to check out which hosts print-friendly PDFs on common topics.

It is always our preference that the event host is able to reference these and we ask that you would promote them both before and after the event has taken place.

What about publicity?

The event host is responsible for the creation of event publicity. However, if this an event where one of our Directors is the main speaker, the relevant Director should be involved in the process. This ensures that the talk title, logo’s and any bio lines accurately reflect the Director’s expectation. We are usually happy to publish event flyers/links across our social media streams if the event host requests us to do so.

What about event recording and media created at the event?

We are happy for the event hosts to publish the talk recordings after the event unless they have specifically requested that this not be the case. We also ask that audio and film be made available to the charity on MP3/MP4 based format for hosting on our online platform. Social media is welcomed within  events and we request that posts are tagged with the relevant handle, usually @mindandsouluk.

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