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Below is a list of books written by members of the Mind and Soul team by date of publication.

They are not official publications of Mind and Soul, and so do not reflect our formal opinions, but we think you will find them helpful. Sometimes its good to really get into a topic and read a whole book.

power of belonging
The Power of Belonging
Discovering the Confidence to Lead with Vulnerability - see more at www.powerofbelonging.com More ...
Will van der Hart and Rob Waller
The Stuff of Life (Book)
This book (kindle and paperback) covers a whole range of mental health issues facing students today. More ...
The Mind and Soul Team
Perfectionism large
The Perfectionism Book
Are you driven to succeed but find it hard to relax. Do strict standards dominate your life. This new book from Will and Rob offers a change of perspective - and the tools to get it. More ...
Will van der Hart and Rob Waller
refuel book cover
Kate's biblical self-help book will help readers to identify understand the dangers of stress and offers practical tips to reduce and manage stress in a biblical way More ...
Kate Middleton
Guilt Book Cover
The Guilt Book
Christians struggle with guilt - but feel they should now. How do we tell the difference between True Guilt for which we can ask forgiveness, and False Guilt for which we need to use psychological tools. More ...
Will van der Hart and Rob Waller
The Worry Book
The Worry Book: finding a path to freedom. Available in the UK from IVP, The USA from Simon and Schuster and in Korea from Random House Korea More ...
Will Van Der Hart and Rob Waller
First Steps out of Anxiety
'First steps' is a series of short manageable books which offer advice on common problems. This book looks at anxiety - what it is, why it causes so many problems and how to take the first steps out of the vicious cycles it triggers. More ...
Kate Middleton
First Steps Out of Eating Disorders
'First steps' is a series of short manageable books which offer advice on common problems. This book looks at the common issue of eating disorders and how to take the first steps towards recovery. More ...
Kate Middleton
The Pregnancy Book: Spiritual and Emotional Survival for First Time Parents
Written with a real Mind and Soul perspective. The Pregnancy book focuses on the importance of emotional and spiritual preparation for parenthood. More ...
Will and Lucinda Van Der Hart
Stress: How to De-stress without doing less!
Whoever you are, and whatever you are trying to pack into your life, stress is likely to be an issue you face regularly. It affects us all - young or old, male or female. But stress is also linked to many serious physical and emotional health problems - More ...
Kate Middleton
Self harm: the path to recovery
Self harm is an increasingly common problem, and something that many people have experienced - either personally or through a friend or relative. This book aims to demystify what can be a distressing and difficult issue, and bring hope of real recovery More ...
Kate Middleton
Eating Disorders:  The Path to Recovery
This is a really practical guide to recovery from eating disorders, aimed at both sufferers and those who care for them. Accessible and easy to read, it offers guidance for setting out on the road to recovery. More ...
Kate Middleton
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