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Our Patron: Dame Sarah Elisabeth Mullally, DBE - Bishop of London 

Bishop Sarah Mulally
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Rev Dr Rowan Williams

Lord Williams of Oystermouth was the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury. We all share a responsibility for our neighbour’s mental and spiritual well-being as well as their material security, and the churches need to be in the forefront of this, both challenging stigma around mental health issues and providing practical support. Mind and Soul is making an outstanding contribution here: I have seen its work at first hand and have been deeply impressed with the care, compassion and professionalism shown. It is a model of what can be achieved by dedicated and imaginative Christian communities.

Professor Chris Williams

...is Past President of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, a national leader in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow. "The Mind and Soul Foundation is impressive. The site is fresh, usable and attractive - and beyond that useful. It helps link Christians together - to pray and support each other as well as pointing them towards useful online resources. I'm sure this will become established as an essential resource for churches and church leaders as well as for the wider Christian community."

Dr Pablo Martinez

...is a psychiatrist and author from Barcelona in Spain. "As Christians living at an increasingly secularised society, one of the main needs is to build  bridges between the challenges we face and the wisdom of the Word of God.  A relevant application of the biblical wisdom  in the area of emotional  and pastoral problems is the hallmark of The Mind and Soul Foundation.  A good combination of  professional expertise and spiritual  sensitivity can be found both in its leaders and  the events they organize.  This is why I warmly reccomend The Mind and Soul Foundation website,  a real gold-mine where you can find all kinds of treasures for your mind and for your soul."

Rt Rev Richard Chartres

...is the former Bishop of London. "As a member of the Court of the King's Fund I have read the evidence from their survey of mental health issues in London which suggests that they have an impact in our City much greater than in any other region of the UK. Anyone who is in ministry... needs to develop a profound awareness of the challenges so many people in our communities face. Knowing the organisers, I can thoroughly commend The Mind and Soul Foundation with its resources as an opportunity to deepen awareness in a place where Christian theology and the best clinical experience engage with one another and make a powerful alliance for hope."

Jo Saxton


...is a speaker, writer and life-coach in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. "What I think is so great about The Mind and Soul Foundation is that it dares to share what we all know, but are scared to admit: we're broken people. We live with hurts and fears that overwhelm, and habits that we may even be ashamed of. Aren't we Christians supposed to have it all together? As a Christian leader I think its about time we had something like this. As a former sufferer of post-natal depression, I'm just glad that resources like this exist."

Greta Randle


...is a former Chief Executive of the Association of Christian Counsellors. "The Mind and Soul Foundation website is easy to use and is helpful to not only professionals but people seeking help too.  I have read many of the articles and listened to podcasts and have been able to recommend both the site and The Mind and Soul Foundation conferences to many people in the course of my work."


Mike Pilavachi

... is the leader of Soul Survivor UK and Soul Survivor International, and a regular speaker at conferences. "We need to understand the issues and have the tools to support people who are struggling. The Mind and Soul Foundation team are excellent communicators and you will come away refreshed, blessed and informed."


Mark Russell

...is Chief Executive Officer of The Children's Society. "The Mind and Soul Foundation is a terrific resource to help Christians and Churches support people who suffer from mental health issues. People are often stigmatised who suffer in this way, and I totally endorse their passionate desire to help people see that faith in Christ can help heal and strengthen people in their time of need."
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