Our Vision

In many churches and health-care settings Christianity and mental health are kept deliberately separate. Mental health is rarely discussed in our churches and Christian spirituality is seen as having little to offer the world of psychology.

Our Three Aims:

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Our DNA:

  • REAL and RELIABLE - Mind and Soul is run by people with professional qualifications and/or personal experience of emotional health, ill health. We aim to provide high quality resources that are up to date, accurate and offer an open-minded and detailed exploration of that subject.
  • FAITH FOUNDED - We come from a solid foundation of Christian belief. We understand that some people have had difficult experiences of the church and/or faith and we hope that, whatever your own belief, you can find a space to explore spirituality alongside emotional health and wellbeing.
  • RECOVERY FOCUSED - One of the most damaging aspects of emotional and mental ill-health can be a loss of hope. We aim to champion the hope of recovery - with a realistic understanding of what that may be - to all who face that darkest fear.
  • JARGON FREE - We won’t blind you with bewildering words, mysterious acronyms, religious language and incomprehensible theology. Just straightforward, straight talking resources you can understand.
  • DEMYSTIFYING and DESTIGMATISING - Emotional and mental health problems can happen to anyone. We aim to take away some of the fear that comes from not understanding them properly.
  • INTEGRATED - We are passionate about the potential that exists within the church, and within the millions of people dealing with emotional and mental health problems. We aim to bridge the gap, integrating psychology, psychiatry and the church.

What we believe:

We are a Christian organisation. We do not have a formal statement of faith, as we seek to be mainstream and appeal to many parts of the church. Here are two other websites you can look at to see what Christians believe:

  • TWO WAYS TO LIVE is a simple presentation of the core part of the Christian faith - who Jesus was and what He did and why he had to do it. There are just two ways to live.
  • RE::JESUS is more of an exploration or journey with lots of interactivity and room for your own journey too. Sometimes we need to take things at our own pace. It's about Jesus - re::jesus.


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