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mindful or mind full Mindfulness: friend or foe? 
Mindfulness gets a mixed press but some recent reports have claimed it could sometimes be harmful. What is the truth about mindfulness, and how should we approach it if wanting to give it a go? more ...
Shaun Lambert
be mindful What is Mindfulness anyway? 
This week, Mental Health Awareness week is all about mindfulness. But have you ever wondered what it actually IS? more ...
Kate Middleton
be mindful Christian Mindfulness Question and Answer
Barry Pearman from Turning the Page, NZ asks Richard Johnston to explain some aspects of mindfulness and Christian Mindfulness. more ...
Richard H H Johnston
pen Dear Concerned Christian
Shaun Lambert writes a response to a believer who is concerned about mindfulness and whether it is 'Christian' or not more ...
Shaun Lambert
Psychosis 600 Mindfulness: reclaiming a spiritual practice
Mindfulness is increasingly used in mental health settings. This article looks at the research and clinical practice more ...
mindfulness How can Mindfulness be secular, Buddhist or Christian?
Is mindfulness the property of any special group or rather a generic ability of the human mind? more ...
Shaun Lambert
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Mindfulness for Mental HealthDr Rob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:15 minutes
The uses of mindfulness in clinical health services
MP4 VideoWatch Download 173.3MB
Mindfulness Strategies for Managing PainWill van der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
From the First National Mindfulness Day for Christians
MP3 AudioListen Download 18.8MB
Mindfulness and resilience: weathering the storms of childhood and adolescenceKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
A talk from the First National Mindfulness Day for Christians
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Christian MindfulnessShaun Lambert
Main AV Folder
Length:25 minutes
Sometimes are moods and emotions can be inconsistent: high-spirited one moment and gloomy the next. They can get in the way of our relationship with God and how we go about our day. However, inspirational music and contemplative prayer can really have an effect on outlook. It's called Mindfulness; a technique which brings greater peace, self-awareness and calm.
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A Book of Sparks - Mindfulness study 1Shaun Lambert
Main AV Folder
Length:27 minutes
Shaun Lambert has recorded six podcasts based on his book. He is interviewed by Cathy Le Feuvre, and the producer is Gary Dell. The podcasts are a Wisewords production for Shaun Lambert.The music behind the readings is by Bill Marten. Wisewords productions can be contacted via In the recordings, he encourages Christians to engage with secular mindfulness, as mindfulness for health, as well as exploring the rich spiritual heritage of mindfulness within Christianity. These podcasts are
MP3 AudioListen Download 24.7MB