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nathan-dumlao-mNLymMqX7iE-unsp I can change...
How humans change, what happens when we don’t or can’t change, and some ways to move forward more ...
Rob Waller
592647 Troubled Minds
In Troubled Minds Amy Simpson, whose family knows the trauma and bewilderment of mental illness, reminds us that people with mental illness are our neighbors and our brothers and sisters in Christ, and she shows us the path to loving them well... more ...
Amy Simpson
Emotionschosen Emotions: Living Life in Colour
Emotions are here to stay - like it or lump it. This helpful book gives a positive way of using them, focusing on their God-given benefits, but also how to manage the bad ones. more ...
Graham Benyon

Media (2 found)

A Theology of Mental HealthWill van der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:5 minutes
A theology of mental health is one that integrates suffering and victory, not that suggests vioctory is only evident in the absence of suffering. The lives of some of the world most celebrated theologians, writers and carers exemplifies how God’s power is made perfect in human weakness
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One Head, Two Cures?John Swinton
Slides and Handouts
Length:30 minutes
Exploring the relationship between Christian healing and contemporary psychiatric practice Prof Swinton offers some joined up thinking for the future of the relationship between Christianity and psychiatry
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