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recovery Self Harm: A testimony of recovery 
Self harm can become a vicious cycle - but recovery is possible. Hear Liz's story of life after self harm. more ...
Liz Edge
Slide2 How God and faith is helping my mental health
A personal story of how faith and church has helped one person on the road to recovery from mental health problems more ...
Niamh Gold
podcast image Help from our podcasts
Read this testimony of how someone found help and encouragement from the Mind and Soul podcasts. Which podcasts might you find helpful? more ...
Loved by God
hands A carer's testimony
The following extended testimony is my perspective as a carer on dealing with a family member who has mental health problems. more ...
Amanda Stevenson
How to talk usefully about the past
We often want to tell our stories - we believe we should and it will be good for us. But it is not always wise. Learn when to tell and how to reach that place more ...
Rob Waller
friendlyplacesbutton Why I suffer with a call to community
An autobiographical essay in the creative non-fiction style explaining my last decade of pain in and out of church, aged 25-35. more ...
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Travellers Tales - A TestimonyRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:28 minutes
First broadcast on Travellers Tales on Premier Christian Radio, Rob Waller is interviewed about how he became a Christian, why he went into medicine and then psychiatry and how he hopes Mind and Soul can help Britain today.
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