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power belonging The Power of Belonging - Out now!
Check out this new book by Will Vanderhart and Rob Waller - a must read! more ...
Kate Middleton
power of belonging The Power of Belonging
Discovering the Confidence to Lead with Vulnerability - see more at more ...
Will van der Hart and Rob Waller
Wall-of-Shame Shame 
The relationship between mental health and the church is made infinitely more complex by the tendrils of shame that so easily grip different aspects of our communities. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
logo square 300 The Common Love
In early 1987 I was sectioned under the mental health act. I was admitted to hospital to be diagnosed. It was a terribly lonely time more ...
Bad Memory Hunt
Easter egg hunts are great, you know that when you go on one there is going to be something nice and chocolaty at the end of it. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Obsessive Confession
I was talking with two Christians recently who disclosed that they felt very distressed by they constant desire to ask God for forgiveness. more ...
Will Van Der Hart

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Pump out the ShameWill van der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Will van der Hart speaks about the core affect of SHAME and how we can respond with the power of belonging - at Soul Church Norwich
MP3 AudioListen Download 55.1MB
Moses - a Psychological AutopsyRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:40 minutes
Reference:Exodus 2:1-6:1
Moses struggled with shame and social anxiety. This affected his leadership. Learn how he made a key decision and took a long journey to find his sense of belonging - and his leadership as a result.
MP3 AudioListen Download 39.3MB
How to Pick up a Snake - AUDIOWill van der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Overcoming Shame and Finding Belonging. Shame affects us all in different ways but it can particularly distort our leadership. Shame causes us to try an hide in plain sight, developing a 'false' or 'projected' self whilst the real you stays in the shadows. Find out how shame is affecting you and how you can get free...
MP3 AudioListen Download 85.0MB