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3381 Experiencing Postpartum Psychosis
Over 1300 women experience PP each year in the UK (1 to 2 in every 1000 deliveries). It can be hard to find high quality information about PP. more ...
Naomi Gilbert
reaching out Christian Mum - seeking sanity
Having children can be incredibly hard - read how one woman began to cope with depression more ...
Caz Hamilton
Beyond The Edge
'Broken, desperate and humiliated, I entered the house. When I saw Steve and Katherine, my heart felt like it was going to explode in agony. They did not deserve this madness in their lives ...' Cut off by a dense fog of post-natal depression more ...
Hazel Rolston

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Beyond the EdgeHazel Rolston
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Length:1 hour 0 minute
Hazel Rolston talks about her new book - Beyond The Edge [IVP] - in which she tells the story of her struggle with postnatal depression
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