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policies Pastoral Care Policy
This draft Pastoral Care Policy is for you to use, amend and inplement in your own pastoral setting. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
climber recovery image Perspectives on Recovery
We might think that the question of what recovery is is easily answered. But what really IS recovery and how might our theology influence our understanding of it? more ...
Alice Mills
barren desert Why Relationships Matter
Long term mental ill-health can feel like being lost in a desert. But how can our relationships help those desperately thirsty for hope and relief? more ...
Kate Middleton
pastoral care hands Pastoral Care Structures in Churches 
This article looks at 3 principles a church can consider in providing safe and consistent pastoral care. more ...
697721 Pastoral Care at Christmas  
Christmas is a joyful time, but there can also be much sadness. How can we look after others at Christmas and can the Christmas story help us to offer pastoral support during this season? more ...
community hub2 Sunday morning’s not enough
The traditional part-time schedule of church family meetings doesn’t allow much opportunity for genuine pastoral care. Could yet more be done? more ...
David Pattison
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Five Things to do in a Pastoral CrisisWill Van Der Hart
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Pastoral ministry is filled with challenges, but occasionally it gets really hairy. This practical talk emphases the role of personal preparedness, good local knowledge and strong policies which will see you though in difficult times.
MP3 AudioListen Download 45.5MB
Pastoral Care and Mercy MinistriesVarious
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
Rob Waller interviews Stephen Matthew about being the Associate Pastor of a very large church and how they deal with pastoral issues, and Arrianna Walker about the principles underlying Mercy Ministries and their current plans
MP3 AudioListen Download 21.9MB