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Normal web When Will I Feel Normal Again? 
On this day of National Reflection, Kate Middleton unpacks the effect the pandemic has had on our emotions and how we can process and recover well. more ...
Kate Middleton
Wordle-web Why winning at world feels like you’re winning at life 
Why is Wordle taking the world by storm, and what we can learn from this nifty game? more ...
Dr Kate Middleton
FOMO-web Fear of Missing Out?
As lockdown restrictions ease how can we protect ourselves from the Fear of Missing Out? more ...
Florence Gildea
Healthy-web Christian leadership post-pandemic?
The world has fundamentally changed and we need to give up notions about going back more ...
Will Van Der Hart
antidepressant wave 1 Pandemic Perspectives: The Antidepressant Wave
Why antidepressants prescribing is soaring. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
martin-castro-9UNuCjJnQbA-unsp Pandemic Perspectives: When Sex gets out of Control 
Many people enjoy a healthy sex life. Sadly, for about 1 in 15 adults in the church the picture is very different. For them, while they know what they are doing goes against everything they believe in and hold dear they do it anyway. more ...
Peter Watts
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