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jennifer-castner-KzkUR7QMDl4-u Spot the Difference 
...between Severe Mental Illness and Demon Possession more ...
Sharon Hastings
stars Christian Mindfulness and Chronic Illness
Healing is often prayer for, but what if you don't get healed? Mindfulness can help us understand the process. more ...
Richard H H Johnston
Slide2 How God and faith is helping my mental health
A personal story of how faith and church has helped one person on the road to recovery from mental health problems more ...
Niamh Gold
barren desert Forgiveness
How often do we live as though we are unforgiven people? How often do we live by guilt? Jesus offers us the miracle of forgiveness that leads to freedom in Him. more ...
journal 300 Keeping a Prayer Journal Helps
How prayer and writing can help you recover from mental health problems more ...
Anne Perks
Steps not circles square image Think Steps, not Circles 
How do we keep going when it feels like every step forward is followed by an inevitable slide back into depression? Kathy shares a picture which has helped her during recovery. more ...
Kathy Troughton
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Healing TogetherRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To live is to love”. In our culture, you are often on your own: your faith [or lack of it], your ‘personal’ Saviour. But then God invented church. In a true community healing is a gift, responsibility is shared and journeys are as important as the destination. Learn how to heal, to grow, to love – and, in doing so, to live all the more.
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Healing Community Testimony - Quicktime [.mov]Fellowship of Healing
Other Conferences
Length:10 minutes
Christian Fellowship of Healing prayer secretary Kirsty Urquhart tells her story of love, acceptance and healing in a robust and long-lived community
QuickTime VideoWatch Download 8.4MB
Demons and Mental HealthUnbelievable (Premier)
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 15 minutes
First heard on Premier Christian Radio's show: Unbelievable. This Week on Unbelievable : Demons: Do they exist? John Tancock, Will Van Der Hart & Jonathan Clatworthy Listen to this featured programme! Three Christians of different theological persuasion discuss the existence of demons. John Tancock (JT) is involved in Charismatic Church leadership. He believes demons are real. As well as pursuing apologetics, he is involved in deliverance ministry and had regularly
MP3 AudioListen Download 27.6MB