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EasterEmotions Easter Emotions
The Easter narrative is full of the whole spectrum of emotions. Will delves into the Easter narrative and what we can learn from the emotions it portrays. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Homework Emotional Health + Home Working 
Working from home sounded like some futuristic utopia; discarding the stresses of work commutes, we would wake up late and finish early. Propping up our laptops on our pillows we would chill through online conference calls wearing sports gear... more ...
Will Van Der Hart
thrive The Thrive Talks
A series of talks by Dr Kate Middleton given at Soul Survivor Watford on emotions and how to manage them, as well as other aspects of mental health such as sleep, confidence and resilience more ...
Dr Kate Middleton
alone Who pastors the pastors?
Mind and Soul helped recruit participants for a research project looking at how church leaders manage the emotions of those they pastor. more ...
Amanda Brown-Bennett
tips Emotional Breakdown in Church Leadership  
Being emotionally healthy in Christian leadership is no small task. Here are a few important reflections on the current situation and a few simple things to get right... more ...
Will Van Der Hart
inside out Inside out - the Mind and Soul review!
As new Pixar animation 'Inside out' hits the cinema screens, what do our very own psychologist and her ten yr old daughter think of it? Does it accurately portray the emotions of a tweenage girl? And should you go to see it? more ...
Kate Middleton
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GuiltRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Many people are paralysed with guilt. Guilt robs you of freedom, peace and joy. It can make you feel unacceptable or isolated. Jesus’ forgiveness is the ultimate remedy for guilt, but even for those who believe, guilty feelings can still present a lingering problem. This talk aims to differentiate between our true guilt, for which forgiveness is needed, and false guilt, for which a psychological approach will help
MP3 AudioListen Download 40.4MB
WorryJonathan Clark
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Jesus told us not to worry yet worry is endemic even amongst Christians. Worry is often used to create a sense of certainty and control, but the illusion is only temporary and even more worries are generated. What are the factors behind worry? How should we deal with uncertainty? And where does trust and faith fit into the equation?
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InterviewKatharine Welby-Roberts
Slides and Handouts
Length:15 minutes
Katharine is interviewed by Will van der Hart about her work in reducing the stigma about mental health and future plans for more work with churches
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IdentityArianna Walker
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Introducing Mercy Ministries UK who exist to provide opportunities for women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-transforming power
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PerfectionWill van der Hart
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
As Christians we have an image of the ideal perfect person, lost in the Fall. Ever since, we have striven to regain and achieve perfection to prove ourselves to God, others and ourselves. What is the Biblical teaching on perfection and how does this relate to our understanding of Mental Health?
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IntroductionRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:10 minutes
An overview of the last ten years since Mind and Soul started, and an introduction to the day
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‘If we claim to be without emotion...’Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Emotions are crucial to the way our brains operate. But for Christians some emotions can be seen as ‘undesirable’; even sinful. This seminar explains what emotions really are for, and considers how attempts to suppress them can itself lead us into sin. What should we change about the church’s attitude toward emotions?
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Capturing The Affections: getting to the heart of the problemSteve Timmis
Slides and Handouts
Length:1 hour 0 minute
In the Word of God we have all that we need to address the human predicament; not only by way of analysis, but also by way of treatment. In Christ and the gospel there is sanity. Problems of behaviour and emotions are always related in some way to issues of belief. And that belief relates to the Word of God, and the promises God makes to us. That is why we can have confidence in the Bible to speak directly and effectively to our lives and circumstances.
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Emotionally Heathy ChurchWill Van Der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
How can we make our churches places where we can healthily express and heal emotions, and why does this not happen at the moment?
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