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Eating Disorders in Men - Web Eating Disorders in men - a silent epidemic? 
This Eating Disorder Awareness week Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya unpacks this year's theme: Eating disorders in men more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
Fat Jesus Fat Jesus and the Desire to be Thin 
In this personal and raw account Jayne tells her story of living with disordered eating and how she's found hope in Jesus. more ...
Jayne Manfredi
EatingDiesorder Inside the Mind of an Eating Disorder Doctor 
We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr Chuks, an eating disorder doctor in London to pick his brain about what he's learned and what he'd like to share with our community. more ...
The Mind and Soul Foundation Team
Disordered Eating Food, glorious food? Disordered eating in the pandemic 
We should all be mindful of the challenges faced by people with established eating disorders and other difficult relationships with food that are more commonly associated with significant weight loss, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
632586 Self Harm
A Survivors Story and Testimony -- I can’t really remember the first time I self harmed. I just remember why I was driven to it. more ...
apple Towards emotionally healthy eating
As usual there's a lot in the press at the moment about how to eat healthy. But what does emotionally healthy eating look like? And does it really involve fasting two days a week? more ...
Kate Middleton
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