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pills-question-hand-400x400 Medication and faith
What types of medication are available? Do they work? Should Christians take them? Read our new overview article. more ...
Rob Waller
brain The drugs don't work
When the Verve complained the drugs didn't work, they were (I assume) talking about illicit drugs. But what about antidepressants (and other psychiatric drugs in general). more ...
Rob Waller
pool Someone who understands me
From staring in Neighbours, being addicted to drugs and alcohol to being one of the key worship leaders in the UK at Life Church, Bradford - Mark tells his story of how God broke into his life to change it completely... more ...
Mark Stevens
circles 300 Slaying the dragon
From drugs and addiction, to freedom and a suprise encounter with God. Now ten years of a new life. more ...

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21st Century Fixes – An Introduction to Addictions and Mental HealthLucy Cockayne
Slides and Handouts
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Substance misuse is a hidden issue in the church. This open discussion session explores the problem and ways of enabling recovery
MP3 AudioListen Download 50.5MB