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rtsh-16A Running Community
How one church started a running group to combat the mental distress of COVID-19 more ...
Anna Gordon
nicholas-barbaros-YoF79VE9Sec-Why is this transition so hard? 
As I write, I am sitting on a ferry. It seems like the perfect time to write about transitions, not just because I am between countries, but also because I will be entering quarantine when we arrive home. more ...
HopeVirgo2webFood, Fear and Focus in Global Pandemic
How to deal with a society that is fixated on thinness and dieting. more ...
Hope Virgo
Pregnancy2Motherhood and Pregnancy in Lockdown
How has Covid 19 impacted the mental health of new mothers and mums to be? more ...
Natalie Blake
Copy of Copy of PandemicWill Mental Illness be the Second Pandemic?
When so many are experiencing the same distress or difficulty at what point do we stop calling it illness and recognise a shared experience we need to process? more ...
Kate Middleton
Copy of Copy of Face CoverFace Coverings Without Fear 
As of 24 July, face coverings are compulsory in shops in England. What do you do if issues with anxiety, panic, past trauma, or mental health challenges make wearing a mask very difficult for you? Here are 5 steps to wearing a face-covering without fear. more ...
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