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Copy of Parenting - webParenting through Pandemic and beyond: A message of optimism 
Is there a more optimistic message about the way pandemic has shaped our children than the ones we may have heard? more ...
Katharine Hill
Broken Ground - 1 Year into a Broken Ground - 1 Year into a Global Pandemic 
It strikes us how much of the last year has simply been unsettling; that the ground beneath us has become fractured and unfamiliar. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
We are not invincible - web2We are (not) invincible: when you suddenly realise you are vulnerable  
For the majority of people this pandemic year has made us aware of our personal vulnerability in a new, stark, sometimes even brutal way. more ...
Covid, conflict and conversatiCovid, conflict and conversations:reflections on lockdown one year on  
A year after the first lockdown, has apathy kicked in, and have we lost the ability to empathise and show kindness to each other at a time of great challenge and vulnerability? more ...
Chi Chi Obuaya
antidepressant wave 1Pandemic Perspectives: The Antidepressant Wave
Why antidepressants prescribing is soaring. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
Doomscrolling WebPandemic Perspectives: Managing Post Panic and Doomscrolling 
more ...
Belinda Norrington
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