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Self-Iso-WebNotes on Self-Isolation 
The text was from NHS Track and Trace saying please self isolate immediately. As I read the text out I felt shocked. My Dad wisely backed away further down the drive… more ...
Caroline Stephens
Isolation InspirationIsolation Inspiration 
Isolation isn’t easy, but if we can help our minds comprehend it better, we can remove some of the difficult emotions from it. And there ARE things we can do to manage isolation better. more ...
Kate Middleton
rtsh-16A Running Community
How one church started a running group to combat the mental distress of COVID-19 more ...
Anna Gordon
nicholas-barbaros-YoF79VE9Sec-Why is this transition so hard? 
As I write, I am sitting on a ferry. It seems like the perfect time to write about transitions, not just because I am between countries, but also because I will be entering quarantine when we arrive home. more ...
HopeVirgo2webFood, Fear and Focus in Global Pandemic
How to deal with a society that is fixated on thinness and dieting. more ...
Hope Virgo
Pregnancy2Motherhood and Pregnancy in Lockdown
How has Covid 19 impacted the mental health of new mothers and mums to be? more ...
Natalie Blake
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