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family Making Memories 
A moving and honest account of one family's experience of severe depression more ...
wmhd Why 'little things' really can make a difference
It's so easy to feel we have to do 'big things' in order to help people. But what are the 'little things' that can make a massive difference? more ...
Kate Middleton
reaching out Can you care too much?  
Many people feel drawn to caring roles, but the same people are very prone to burnout. What is the difference between empathy and compassion and is this the key to caring better for longer? more ...
Kate Middleton
9780745953199 Self harm: the path to recovery
Self harm is an increasingly common problem, and something that many people have experienced - either personally or through a friend or relative. This book aims to demystify what can be a distressing and difficult issue, and bring hope of real recovery more ...
Kate Middleton
9780745952789 Eating Disorders:  The Path to Recovery
This is a really practical guide to recovery from eating disorders, aimed at both sufferers and those who care for them. Accessible and easy to read, it offers guidance for setting out on the road to recovery. more ...
Kate Middleton

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Caring for the CarersAmanda Stevenson,Sheryl Ashton
Slides and Handouts
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Sheryl Ashton and Amanda Stevenson show how we need to look after another whole group of people.
MP3 AudioListen Download 25.8MB