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Bipolar Web What is Bipolar?
Bipolar can often be a misunderstood illness. Here's Dr Chi-Chi unpacking what it actually is, some core symptoms, and what can help. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
Copy of Copy of Glum Glum on a knife’s edge 
This is not another story of forgetting and pushing down but rather a distressing acknowledgement of the reality of so very many people. more ...
Sarah White
eye Nine months on. Rebirth and Recovery
A mental health journey through depression, anxiety, mania and psychosis working towards recovery more ...
Rev. Rachel Noel
Psychosis 300 Psychosis
An overview of psychosis - illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. What helps, what doesn't help, and how it relates to faith more ...
Rob Waller
bipolar Did that really happen?
Understanding spiritual experiences when you have bipolar affective disorder – was that the voice of God, or my illness speaking? How to tell the difference and how to have faith. more ...
Rob Waller
growth Bipolar Christians
This is the title of a popular topic in our forums - reproduced here for you to read. The problem is still very much understood. more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
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