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wd300 Managing Addiction Withdrawal
Self-Help Strategies To Weather The Storms Of Addiction Withdrawal more ...
Anne Foy
12 1-2 steps The 12 1/2 steps to Spiritual Health
One Bradford Church's story of recovery from addictions and how the Gospel matches with the famous 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous more ...
Rob Waller
Common problems
Here are some ideas for help with problems we have not covered in detail elsewhere on the site. This page contains extracts from another website - the Student Counselling Centre at Royal Holloway College in London [©]. They have written some more ...
Royal Holloway College
112295200-569fe6783df78cafda9e Christians and Addiction
Addiction from a Christian and medical point of view. What makes things addictive? What are the stages of change? more ...
Rob Waller
drugs 300 Beyond personality disorder and alcohol abuse
Paul tells his story of abuse, anger, alcohol and personality disorder and how he came to hope and healing with Jesus as 'the Boss' of his life. more ...