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cmf CBT and Christians
Should christians feel comfortable using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? This is the recommended NHS treatment for anxiety and depression. A new publication reviews the debate more ...
Rob Waller
llttfwg-socialmedia Living Life To The Full - With God
Based on CBT principles for anxiety and depression, run this course in your local area or complete individually online more ...

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Living Life To The Full – With GodChris Williams
Slides and Handouts
Length:30 minutes
Prof Williams explains the basics of CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy and launches our new course - Living Life To The Full With God
MP3 AudioListen Download 25.6MB
Living Life To The Full - With GodDr Rob Waller
Length:3 minutes
A short introduction to this new resource - online help for anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioural principles
QuickTime VideoWatch Download 6.0MB