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mince pies Surviving Eating Disorders at Christmas
Dieting, overeating, family... This may sound like a recipie for disaster, but there are things that help more ...
Jean Hart
soulfood Food and Mind and Soul
I didn't know that digestion could disrupt mental health - until it happened to me. Read Clare's story about her food, her faith and her mental health more ...
Bulimia300 Introducing Eating Disorders 
Psychiatrist Kate Webb introduces the differing classifications of eating disorders and how to approach treatment. more ...
Kate Webb
logoabc Eating Disorders - the reality for families
Since 1980 Anorexia and Bulimia Care has helped thousands of sufferers and their families care for and cope with eating disorders through the illness to more ...
Recovery and Faith in Eating Disorders
Recovery is something you may find yourself thinking about a lot when you are struggling with an eating disorder or if you are caring for someone with one. Maybe it’s something you fear – or something you long for. For sufferers it can be both more ...
apple The Church and Eating Disorders
Research carried out at events and conferences found that 90% of church members knew someone who was suffering with an eating disorder. 70% of them knew someone in their own church. The majority said that their church was not able to offer more ...
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