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BM-Logo Blue Monday - Winter's Blast
It is Blue Monday and its freezing out there! Here are my top ten tips for keeping the winter blues at bay! more ...
Will Van Der Hart
cmf CBT and Christians
Should christians feel comfortable using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? This is the recommended NHS treatment for anxiety and depression. A new publication reviews the debate more ...
Rob Waller
CBT Mindfulness and CBT
Mindfulness is a core component of the so-called 'Third Wave' of CBT. Can it be integrated into a Christian Context? Read about its development and ideas for the next steps more ...
Sarah Plum
not-cool This 'Super' (Anxious) Life - Will Maule
I have met Will Maule - he is super cool, gifted, musical, trendy and young. Just more proof that anyone can get an anxiety disorder. more ...
Will Maule
logo square 300 Emotions invented by the internet
A recent blog details 5 emotions 'invented' by the internet. How can the internet sometimes generate difficult or unpleasant emotions? And what can we do to avoid them? more ...
Kate Middleton
CBT Addressing Spirituality in CBT
If you were to see a therapist who did not share your faith position; what would you want them to be like, and what tips would you give them? more ...
Rob Waller
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Living Life To The Full – With GodChris Williams
Slides and Handouts
Length:30 minutes
Prof Williams explains the basics of CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy and launches our new course - Living Life To The Full With God
MP3 AudioListen Download 25.6MB
Living Life To The Full - With GodDr Rob Waller
Length:3 minutes
A short introduction to this new resource - online help for anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioural principles
QuickTime VideoWatch Download 6.0MB
Spirituality and CBTRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:45 minutes
What is the role of Spirituality in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. A talk given at a conference in London, based on the paper of the same name I have recently published in The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
MP3 AudioListen Download 51.4MB
Living Life To The Full With GodChris Williams
Main AV Folder
Length:50 minutes
Chris Williams gives an overview of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), explains how it relates to faith, and introduces a major new course and website suitable for people of faith.
MP3 AudioListen Download 41.1MB
Worried - Why?Will Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:45 minutes
Why is worry such a problem and how can we learn to worry the right amount about the right things
MP3 AudioListen Download 20.8MB