Lead Well - the Conference

In 2018 we are putting on a one-off event on Saturday 28th September at St Pauls Onslow Square in London. The focus will be on leadership - leading with wellness, raising the topic of mental health and how to help those who are struggling.



Frequently asked questions

How will bookings work?

These will be done using the Eventbrite system and the ticket emailed to you. You will be given the opportunity after the event to join the Mind and Soul Foundation mailing list.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes it will be recorded and some of the talks will be made available through this site at a later date.

Can my organisation bring a stand?

No, we only have a small area for stands and this is fully allocated already.

Will there be counselling or ministry available?

No, this is an educational event. There will be a quiet room available if you need it.

Will there be food or drink?

Drinks [hot and cold] will be available at various times during the day. There are many shops locally to buy your lunch, or do bring your own packed lunch. You may eat these in the venue.

Will there be a bookstall?

No, some of the stands may be selling books from that organisation, but there will not be a full bookstall.

Will you issue CPD certificates?

No, the event is not formally registered for CPD, but you should disucss with your peers if it could be counted. Your receipt will function as your attendence certificate.

The Mind and Soul Team, 20/06/2018
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