The Sanctuary Course

At our conference in October 2019, we told you about our friends at Sanctuary Ministries in Canada. They have released a great online course for mental health. The text below tells you more and there is a link at the bottom.

About the Course

Often, churches haven't had the language to begin to talk about mental health, and this has meant that people experiencing mental health challenges have felt isolated and misunderstood in the Church. The Sanctuary Course is a small group resource designed to help initiate and guide conversations about mental health and faith. It is a starting point, creating a base of shared knowledge from which churches can explore next steps. Perhaps most importantly, through the simple act of talking openly about mental health, the course helps churches begin to create safe spaces for people to share their mental health stories and receive support in community. 
Sessions cover themes such as: 
• understanding mental health and mental illness 
• challenging stigma 
• the recovery journey 
• companionship 
• self-care 
• the role of community in mental health recovery 
Each theme is explored from a psychological, social, and theological perspective, and each session is accompanied by a compelling film focused on an individual’s story – a person of faith who has journeyed through mental health challenges.   

Vimeo Trailer:

Find out more online here:


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