Theos Report on Mental Health

This week, Christian think tank Theos published a report on mental health and Christianity. They have subtitled it "theology, activities and potential" as they see this as a major area for the church to build upon the initiatives currently in place.

It's also a very good overview of the whole topic of mental health from a Christian point of view, covering the major themes - and red herrings! The Mind and Soul Foundation gets a mention or two - I was one of the 15 in-depth interviewees.

It challeneges us to think - 'what next?' We've made a noise in the church and the topic of mental health is now on people's radar. There are a number of small projects - worthy but still small. If the church is to be a significant player in the mental health area of the 21st century, then what does this look like, who will pay for it, and who will take a lead?

Could it be you?



Rob Waller, 05/07/2017
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