The Life-Giving Path 

Using inspirational stories and creative techniques to guide the reader through a virtual retreat, Helen Warwick explores ways to finding a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Her emphasis on personal reflection enables the reader to review their circumstances, find their uniqueness and connect to more life-giving ways.

The author’s background in person-centred therapies, guided retreats and spiritual direction – allied to a deep personal faith that is open to God, the world and to experience - nurtures and reassures the reader through rooms of an imaginary retreat house. Helen introduces therapeutic techniques to view ways of relating and thinking and includes valuable information about energy, mental health and nutrition.

 Rising Above the Shadows is particularly suited for people
•    Interested in observing their life and reviewing their circumstances
•    Exploring their spirituality, especially in relation to a Christian faith
•    Wanting to connect to a better way of living, especially if experiencing suffering of any kind.

There is one chapter of the book based in the library of the retreat house that reviews a better way of thinking that will be especially helpful for those coping with mental health issues.

Endorsement: - "This is a lovely book, beautifully written. Helen Warwick’s spiritual wisdom and personal experience shine as we are guided through rooms and spaces of retreat house and garden, rich with metaphors, symbols and stories, ancient and modern. Theological, biological, and psychological gems are to be found everywhere, and they are thoroughly sound and helpful for making a soul-nurturing environment. It takes mindfulness to another level – becoming a responsible reflector and observer of life, with love for the world, for others, and vitally for self, one’s many different selves. Creativity, playing and dreaming are developed as nourishments, and inspiring exercises and practical advice offer full care for mind and body, the home of spirit. One can savour almost every sentence as each page comes alive with divine and human love. This book belongs with the classics, to be read and re-read as a spiritually uplifting and immensely practical daily companion." Dr David McDonald, Consultant Psychiatrist and Trustee to The Guild of Health and St Raphael 

About the Author: - Helen Warwick is a writer and Spiritual Director. Her background is in occupational therapy, person-centred therapies and guided retreats – allied to a deep personal faith that is open to God, the world and to experience. Her past experience of chronic illness developed many creative ways of finding healing and wholeness. Helen works at Holy Rood House, Centre for Health and Pastoral Care in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. She is a residential member of the community and part of the chaplaincy team. Her work includes leading creative retreats and groups and working with people individually. Her published books can be seen at

Helen Warwick, 07/03/2016
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