The LIFE Course

One of our partner charities - Keeping Health In Mind - have produced a course - 

From their site:

One way that we free people up to grow is by providing practical ways of helping to improve the interaction between the Christian faith community and anyone affected by a mental health issue or who is feeling overwhelmed by life, whether a member of that community or not.

To this end we have produced a skills-based course called 'The LIFE Course', freeing people affected by mental health problems (whether their own or someone else's) to live life in all fullness.

Written in an informal and accessible style, the opening session looks at the nature of coping and explains how we can all improve in this area. The next session, "Be Still", looks at promoting relaxation while session three, "Do not worry", helps with anxiety management. Session four gives some techniques useful for managing strong emotions and the fifth session gives guidance on managing difficult relationships. The course ends by focussing on goal setting and each course member will finish with a realistic and manageable plan to bring about a positive change in their life.

While there is reference to Christian ideas in the course there is no expectation that people participating in it need identify themselves as such. They will, however, need to be open to the mention of the name of Jesus.

If you would like to run the course and help others to step towards life in all fullness then please get in touch using our contact form. A full resource pack of two leader's books and ten course books costs only £50.

Rob Waller, 16/02/2015
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