Here I Come Ready Or Not

Days they end and the years may pass,
He’s coming soon and He’s coming fast,
I reflect on my life and what I might say,
Would I be ready to meet my Lord Jesus today?

Is my life in order, am I ready to meet,
Did I be anything that’s deserving of He,
Did I respond to Him when He called my name,
I pray He’ll forgive me if I caused any shame.

Did I learn what He tried to teach me to see,
Did I get out that cage, did I soar high and free,
Did I do my best as each day was done.
Can I honestly say that I helped someone.

At crossroads i stood, decisions I made,
Did I fulfil any of the plans that He laid,
Did I appreciate every single thing I had,
To know happiness He had to let me feel sad.

So much to do and so little time,
Did I recognise when He sent me a sign,
A sign I should trust and never to doubt,
Did I invite him in, or did I leave Him out.

Did I remember to thank Him for all that He gave,
A life so messed up only He could save,
A heart so broken only He could heal,
Did I truly keep my end of the deal?

I can only pray that I made Him proud,
That I spoke His name and I spoke it out loud,
For my life He gave his, He’s already bought,
He’s coming back soon….ready or not!

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