A Thorn in my Mind

Cathy is uniquely qualified to write on the subject of mental illness as both a doctor and also a patient, who has experience of both instantaneous miraculous healing, and gradual recovery from severe depression. This is her testimony to ongoing healing and maturity during the process of learning to live with serious illness, and of a God who is with us regardless of our physical or mental state.

This book takes the reader on a journey to learn more about mental illnesses and their treatments.  It outlines ways we can help those we know who also have thorns in their minds.  And we travel with Cathy on her journey into freedom and joy.

Already the author of the widely acclaimed book Life after Darkness, Cathy has written this book as a contribution to the Church.  It is a must read for those who have or have had a mental illness, those who know someone with a mental illness, and those who run churches or communities.

Cathy Wield was born in India and lived in many different countries while she was growing up. She trained as a doctor, and has worked in Emergency Medicine (A&E) and as a staff grade psychiatrist, in a career that has been interspersed with severe depression. She is now retired on medical grounds, and lives in Watford, where she continues to write and be actively involved in her local church. Her first book, Life after Darkness, was published in 2006. She has been married to Phil for over 30 years and has 4 children and 2 grandchildren.
Cathy Wield, 02/04/2012
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