God is above in love... [with me]

There’s hidden places known only to my closest enemies
Where others who feigned care: left scars etched in so far-
That venom stabbed me in gestures stealthily unseen
I struggled to find ways free - to regain what was once me.

Forced captivity held my soul in a strong grip, as in deaths rigidity
And my spirit rose out of flesh; all its remaining ‘faith’ - took dignity!
The abusive seed was loudly sung - I wished as before I could’ve run
Instead - I removed myself and searched for liberations tree.

The remnant of the hardened heart died as the silencer took flight –
Fear was never spoken; as breath was broken in pure fright
Words hurt, knives cut deep and knuckled rings hit a score
Ripping unguarded innocence in two: knocking me to the floor.

Anger exploded – my mind extended thought beyond yet imploded
Screaming loud into the bitter air!  it’s a long journey to here from there!
Sorrow left its’ wound weeping blood in truths expression of ultimate love:
And that despised scar had screamed out for heaven‘s justice to prevail above!

Push came to shove for me that day but Jesus came to gently say;
‘Fear not! They cannot cast stones your way; not yesterday or today’
Greater is He who lives in you then he who is in this world
For you I have lived and died; in you I will shine bright - giving you my sight.

In overdoses of hurt, love reigned – His burden being purity in light
Beauty awoke to fend off nightmares hatched in jealous spite.
But Jesus fought for me and beyond the evening haze I see, that still - I love-
As God is alive in love – He is without doubt living inside of me!



Anon, 02/10/2013
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