Making Church Accessible For All

[Mental Health Chapter written by Jonathan Clark]

A church that is better for disabled people is better for everybody.
Making Church Accessible to All provides a strong argument for rethinking the way we present church. Working from the biblical basis for including people with disabilities, Tony Phelps-Jones considers the obstacles that church can put in the way and the practicalities of establishing an effective ministry. The book includes examples of inclusive teaching and worship, together with sections focusing on the following areas: learning disabilities, autism, sight loss, hearing loss, mobility difficulty, mental health conditions and families with children with additional needs.
Part 1
Chapter 1 Inclusive people
Chapter 2 Inclusive God
Chapter 3 Inclusive thinking
Chapter 4 Inclusive ministry
Chapter 5 Inclusive language
Chapter 6 Inclusive church life
Chapter 7 Inclusive buildings
Part 2
Chapter 8 Including people with learning disabilities
Chapter 9 Including people with autism
Chapter 10 Including people with sight loss
Chapter 11 Including people with hearing loss
Chapter 12 Including people with mobility difficulty
Chapter 13 Including people with mental health conditions
Chapter 14 Including families with children with additional needs


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Jonathan Clark, 08/03/2013
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