What If...

What if mental ill health is purely a biological and bio chemical response to extreme trauma or terror experienced that was not processed adequately or was over processed by both mind and soul? What if the flesh, our bodies, endocrine systems and or neurological development were stressed in some way internally in development? What if it were conclusively discovered that the central nervous systems of those who become mentally ill are very different in structure? What if I had done everything ’right’?  What if………………..
What if the world viewed mental ill health as much as a physical disease as a mental one?

What if there was a race for us to compete in in the Paralympics?

What if mental ill health is solely spiritual?

What if it is all of the above and more?

What if the Stigma didn’t exist?

What if instead of stigma there was the desire to understand and respect for the fight to recover?

As we are all made different and yet equal – there being nothing that is not common to man – what if?
What if I was you?
(By a Christian Service User)

A Christian Service User, 08/11/2012
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