Addressing Spirituality in CBT

I have recently published this article in the journal The Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. Link to journal. The full article is available from the publishers, or you can download the PDF here and slides here [PPT].

Listen to a talk given on this paper here [mp3, 50MB], given at a conference organised by the Ethnic Health Initiative in London, used with permission



The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (2010), 3:95-106 Cambridge University Press
Copyright © British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies 2010 - used with permission

Rob Waller a1 c1, Chris Trepka a2, Daniel Collerton a3 and James Hawkins a4

a1 NHS Lothian – Psychiatry, Livingston, UK
a2 Bradford District Care Trust – Psychology, Bradford, UK
a3 Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust, Gateshead, UK
a4 Edinburgh, UK

Mental health policy places a requirement on clinicians to address matters of religion and belief, yet practice falls far behind. This paper summarizes a Panel Discussion at the 2008 BABCP Annual Conference attended by over 50 people. The five speakers each presented their experience of working with particular faith groups (Orthodox Jewish, Christian, Muslim) and from an agnostic viewpoint. Common themes are given, as well as practical advice to therapists who find themselves working with people who hold strong faith beliefs they may not share.

(Received November 24 2009)
(Accepted June 24 2010)
(Online publication July 27 2010)
Key words:Belief; faith; formulation; policy; religion; spirituality

Rob Waller, 24/08/2010
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