Stress:  How to de-stress without doing less!


Whoever you are, and whatever you are trying to pack into your life, stress is likely to be an issue you face regularly.  It affects us all - young or old, male or female.  But stress is also linked to many serious physical and emotional health problems - so what do you do if you are only too aware of how big an issue stress is in your ife? Is the only solution really to reduce the amount of things you are doing?


This book looks at what stress really is, and the kinds of impact it can have on our lives and wellbeing.  Looking at what underlies the common causes of stress, it offers a strategy to improve your own ability to manage stress in a positive way.  It offers insight into why some people are affected more by stress than others, and most importantly, it offers advice on how to cope if stress is an unavoidable part of your life. 


Available at amazon - direct link. ISBN - 0745953735

Kate Middleton, 01/07/2009
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