The Stuff of life

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The Stuff of Life is the sort of stuff that affects all of us to a greater of lesser extent. It's stuff that already impacts our relationships and out look on life. Stuff that, if not faced, can diminish our freedom and enjoyment of day to day living. It's the stuff we often have a sense of shame about and struggle to talk about. It's the stuff we often need a bit of help in working through. And it's the stuff that, once we have worked through, we are better equipped to help others.

This book is primarily aimed at students and 20 students and 20 somethings. However it will also be of enormous benefit to parents in understanding the pressures their children face, to youth workers in suggesting pathways and help for common "stuff" and to teenagers in helping them better understand themselves and their friends.

Written in partnership with Fusion, our hope is that this handbook will encourage a generation of students and young adults sort out their "stuff" and learn to live well.

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The Mind and Soul Team, 27/10/2017
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