Egg Theory

I like the idea of having a theory. It sounds important, like it is something I worked out wearing a white coat in a science lab somewhere. The thing is, egg theory is something I worked out on my laminate kitchen surface one sleepy Saturday morning, paper in one hand, orange juice in the other.

Egg theory is based on the fact that I hate boiled eggs. They smell like sulphur and egg white in any form other than my mum’s meringue should be outlawed. The other more important reason why I have a problem with boiled eggs is that the bit I like is hidden deep behind a shell, and a wall of nasty smelly, tasteless, white.

Egg theory is also based upon the fact that I love scrambled eggs on toast. There is something intrinsically wonderful about scramble. I had scramble on Sunday night. It is rich food, plated gold. I can imagine the Queen sitting down to scrambled eggs with ones tomato ketchup in a neat silver dish on the side.

Are you a boiled or scrambled egg?

Due to a succession of difficult circumstances, words that hurt and experiences that cause pain we can all withdraw our true character from the surface of our personality. It feels easier to present a bland canvass of neutrality than expose our real selves, opinions and feelings. At least we can hold on to the consolation that when we are rejected, our real unknown selves have not been judged and found wanting. The sad thing is they haven’t even been seen.

I’m looking for gold. Will you show me?

Scrambled is the determination to live the inside on the outside. Taking the courage to face the rejection of those that will not like what they see, but also receiving the joy of those who can really say that they like what they have found in you. Living scrambled is believing that there is gold in there, sometimes we just need to let others point it out.

God has put treasure in your heart. Ask him for the courage to let it shine out.

Will Van Der Hart, 08/02/2008
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