Starved: Mercy for eating disorders

Mercy Ministries have written this book as a unique approach to dealing with the root of many eating disorders. Contains many testimonies and advice on where to go for help. It is part of their 'Mercy for...' series.

Nacy Alcorn, ISBN 1579218989, direct amazon link

There has been lots written about Eating Disorders from the psychiatric and counselling professions, but it is the conviction of Nancy Alcorn, President and Founder of Mercy Ministries, that at the core of any Eating Disorder is an Identity problem. Although medical monitoring may be helpful in extreme cases, and psychological techniques may be helpful for many, if the root problem is a disturbed identity then only a new identity will sort out the root problems and the eating disorder will come back in the future.

Christianity offers such a new identity - as a son or daughter of God, loved by Him unconditionally and saved by Him with love and sacrifice. However, many people reject this, and many who become Christians struggle to internalise this and are prone to eating disorders. In her book, 'Mercy for Eating Disorders', Nancy describes how the Mercy Ministries program and approach has helped thousands of girls overcome eating disorders.

From their website: "You will experience the heartache, overwhelming pain and hopelessness of a devastating eating disorder as you walk in the shoes of a girl battling bulimia and anorexia. With intimate journal entries that reveal the mindset and emotions involved in an eating disorder, along with the principles of freedom that bring healing. Mercy for Eating Disorders offers a real solution to this epidemic problem."
Nancy Alcorn, 25/06/2008
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