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WantToDieWeb Book Review: I Love Jesus, But I want to Die 
A review of: "I love Jesus But I Want to Die" by Sarah J Robinson. A book exploring how we can find hope in the darkness of depression. more ...
antidepressants The truth about antidepressants 
A study reported today has generated a lot of articles about antidepressant medications. But what is the truth about them? Here are our answers to the most common questions. more ...
Kate Middleton
721289300 Depression and Personal Faith 
This article explores how faith can be a help and not a hinderance for Christians struggling with depression. more ...
wfgs300 When Faith Gets Shaken
What do you do when life falls apart and it feels as though God has left you? How do you keep going when your faith has been rocked to the core? more ...
Patrick Regan
logo square 300 Faith, Mental Illness and Community
For those of us who are dealing with mental illness, coming into faith or maintaining faith can seem, without an instant miracle, like a mountain too high to climb or a journey to long to endure. more ...
logo square 300 Healing and Mental Illness
What is the place of faith healing in mental illness. Can something has hurt so many be encouraged? Can something which has helped so many be ignored? more ...
Rob Waller
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Demons and Mental HealthUnbelievable (Premier)
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Length:1 hour 15 minutes
First heard on Premier Christian Radio's show: Unbelievable. This Week on Unbelievable : Demons: Do they exist? John Tancock, Will Van Der Hart & Jonathan Clatworthy Listen to this featured programme! Three Christians of different theological persuasion discuss the existence of demons. John Tancock (JT) is involved in Charismatic Church leadership. He believes demons are real. As well as pursuing apologetics, he is involved in deliverance ministry and had regularly
MP3 AudioListen Download 27.6MB