What am I, Where am I, Who am I

This book reviews the place of the creative arts in recovery from mental health. The author is a carer and experienced artist, with an MA in applied theology. From links with the Healing Rooms, this book looks at deep recovery as well as help with mental health in the here and now.

In this new season God is reviving our valuation and use of the creative arts in ministry. In this book the author is moved by the wonderful complexity of the human heart and the intricacy of inner human experience. She helps us to see ourselves in the haunting shadows of mental ill-health. We recognise that we are on the same spectrum of experience. We share in the vulnerability of those whose stories she tells. We glimpse the tenderness of Jesus towards those He has made – including ourselves.  
(Andy Fraser Healing Rooms Orkney)

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Kirsten Coulter, 24/08/2016
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