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Our 24/7 world of endless information and demands poses a serious challenge to all who struggle with perfectionism. It’s all too easy to become trapped in an endless pursuit of achievements at the expense of the life you had always dreamed of living.
This book is about a change in perspective – seeing perfectionism as the problem, rather than the goals or standards themselves. Far from being a little habit that keeps us striving, it is the thing that stops us celebrating anything we might achieve.
We are more wedded to perfectionism than we realize. It is embedded in our culture and bound up in popular self-esteem. The Bible’s perfect words have been used to drive perfectionism in the church.

The authors offer a fresh perspective on an old problem – a helpful blend of accessible theology, psychology and activity to lead us to a place of genuine freedom, gratitude and fulfilment.

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Will van der Hart and Rob Waller, 21/01/2016
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